Watercolor sunset window scene

Grab your food gels and few paint brushes,
because this week tutorial is a
mesmerizing Colorado sunset
from a victorian window!
I was inspired by spectacular sunset
I watched from my upstairs window.

I used water instead lemon extract for this scene,
and to my surprise, it worked quite nicely.

Supplies need for this project:

Decorating Nozzle: PME #2 writer nozzle: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
Decorating Nozzle: PME #1.5 writer nozzle: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
Coupler: http://bit.ly/1JJjuh2
12-inch decorating bags: http://bit.ly/1IiNWMO
Scribe tool: http://bit.ly/1KSlQue
Birdhouse cookie cutter
Small Round Brushes: http://bit.ly/1KLwAN1
Small Filbert: http://bit.ly/1RWpKHp
Painter Palette
Damp cloth
Kitchen paper
Cookie Dough Recipe for my recipe: http://bit.ly/1iLvWFH
Royal Icing Recipe for my recipe: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED
-Flood consistency royal icing
Soft consistency
Wilton food paste: http://bit.ly/29C5n1o
-Lemon Yellow
-Royal Blue
The Sugar Art Edible Dust: http://bit.ly/1kMZ9B9
Music courtesy ofAudio Network: http://bit.ly/2bBQ6Uk

I have had so many requests asking if I could substitute a non-alcoholic liquid
to use with the food gels. I found water will work nicely, the trick is to only use a slightly damped brush with cooled boiled water.

Watercolor sunset window scene

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