Hand painted cookies by Bobbie Noto

The majestic awe-inspiring beauty of the Colorado sunset!

For about a year now these hand painted cookies that resemble the breathtaking Colorado Autumn sunset,have been an idea wondering around in my mind. I was a tad hesitant to create them, because I felt it was imperative to show the awe-inspiring emotion one feels as they watch sun gently disappear behind the trees. I found a boost of inspiration on Yoko’s nail art Pinterest page and ViraNova! Now all I needed to do was grab four petal dust colours and started painting. I am happy to say I am pleasantly  pleased with the outcome!

Supplies Needed For This Project:

Hand painted Autumn sunset cookies

The painted ginger glow rope border adds another depth of interest to the cookies!

• Cosmetic sponge
• Artist palette
• Paper towel
• Gloves, optional
• Script liner,
• small artist brush
• Pme St 50 leaf nozzle, or wilton/Ateco #65
• Scribe tool
• Sugar cookie dough recipe, use your favorite (or use mine : http://bit.ly/1iLvWFH)
• Royal icing recipe, use your favorite (or use mine: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED)
• Fondant,Satin Ice
• Petal dust:
• Iced Raspberry, Rainbow Dust
• Sunflower,CC
• Birds of Pardise, PC
• Ginger Glow, Rainbow Dust
• Red Velvet, Elite
• Wilton Color Right BlacK
• Wilton Color Right, Brown
• Wilton Color Right, Pink
• Clear Alcohol or lemon extract

All supplies, materials, and recipes can be found at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

You can either cover the cookies with Satin Ice fondant coloured ivory

Or flood the cookies with Ivory coloured royal icing.

For fondant covered cookies you will need to allow the cookies to set for about 4 hours prior to decorating.

For royal icing covered cookies you will need to flood your cookies

with Ivory colour royal icing and allow 24 hours to dry.

Hand painted decorated Fall sunset cookies by Bobbie Noto

I am finally ready for crisp cool Autumn season!

Royal Icing Consistencies:
Flood consistency royal icing
Off-peak consistency royal icing

Watch the video to see how to decorate these hand painted Colorado Autumn sunset cookies:

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