Sweet pea cookie

An exquisite, elegant, and easy to create royal icing flower!

Last week was one of those crazy weeks, you know when adding an extra task makes you want to pull your hair out of your head. During my hectic week a friend needed 2 1/2 dozen cookies for a baby shower and asked if  I could create them. Of course I didn’t say no, however I needed a design that was beautiful yet fast.

Royal icing sweet peas are my go to flower when I am in pinch. I have also used them when I want to add a special touch to a complex cake, i.e. a Lambeth cake.

Sweet Peas are one of the fastest and easiest flowers to pipe on a flower nail or treat. Although the sweet pea is simple to create it looks complicated and gives a beautiful finish to your cakes and cookies.

Since they can be piped either on a flower nail or directly on a cookie or cake makinge your decorating time cut in half, and when you have 2 dozen or more cookies to decorate it  is always nice to have a

expeditious design in your pocket.

Royal Icing Sweet Peas:

The royal icing art of making sweet peas

With a leaf tip create either a braid border or leaf shell!


  • Petal nozzle #57 S or Wilton #101
  • Writer nozzle # 1 or Wilton #1
  • Writer nozzle #2 or Wilton #2
  • Leaf nozzle ST50 or Wilton #65
  • Paper cornet
  • Disposable bag
  • Coupler, small
  • Artist brush
  • Damp paper towel
  • PME holder, optional


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Recipe for Consistencies:

Learn how to pipe a spray of sweet peas on a cake, cupcake or cookie

The piped sweet pea spray would be perfect for a wedding shower too!

Sweet peas: Stiff-peak consistencies

Vines: Rub down soft-peak consistency

Curl cues: Rub down soft-peak consistency

Leaves: Rub down soft-peak consistency

If you need a refresher course on consistencies: visit 

Now that you have your supplies and materials ready please enjoy the video tutorial.

As I mentioned before the sweet pea can be piped on a flower nail.

Learn how to pipe a spray of sweet peas on a cake, cupcake or cookie

Buttercream also works great for piped sweet peas!

If you have extra royal icing from a project colour the icing and add some icing sugar for a stiff-peak consistency,and

pipe your sweet peas. Place the finished flower under a desk lamp for about 15 minutes, turn off the light and allow them to dry overnight.

Place in a clean airtight container for a later date. Now when you need some pretty royal icing flowers all you will need to

do is attach the dried flower to the cookie or cake and pipe leaves and vines.

The royal icing art of making a sweet pea spray

Have fun piping an elegant sweet pea spray!