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Lambeth method of piping is one of the most skilled techniques in cake decorating. In 1934 Joseph Lambeth shared his ornate style of cake decorating when he wrote and published his book The Lambeth Method  of Cake Decorating. If  you find a copy of the his book buy it, the book is rare and hard to find. Joseph Lambeth’s decorative piping is based on the old English tradition of “over-piping,” creating rows and rows of intricate piped details, scrolls, shells, and garlands.  It is probably the most extravagant techniques of piping and generally reserved for very special occasion such as a wedding. In the late 1950’s rolled fondant icings evolved to a pliable consistency and lavish over-piping was considered old fashion and was left behind. However in recent years vintage styles have become “trendy” and Lambeth method has again become a popular choice for cake decorating.
Kathleen Lange is one of the best Lambeth cake decorators in the world I was fortunate, in 2015, to learn this skill from her at her 8-day boot camp! Now Bobbie teaches her method.of this beautiful old world art, over piping descending. layers of royal icing. 
Lambeth Method Cake:

Supplies need to create 5ᵗʰ Avenue’s Lambeth Method of Royal Icing Art Lesson:
Parchment rounds
Cake dividing set (optional)
Food safe marker
Dress makers tape measure
Nozzles PME:
Pressure Piping Royal Icing
Piping bags
Parchment cones, optional but very helpful
tip covers
Paper towel
Artist brush, one large and one small
Cake turn table
Ribbon (optional)


  • Beveled cake covered, either with fondant or royal icing
  • Royal icing
  • Water, boiled and cooled
  • Sugar flowers, optional for the centre

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You will want to cover your cake 2 to 3 days prior to pipping your cake.
Now that you have all supplies please enjoy the the video.

learn the technique to piping royal icing using the lambeth method of cake decorating

For the entire  Learning Lambeth Course..2 hours 36 minutes in two videos.
The Lambeth Method Cake Schedule:

Day 1..Bake the cake or cakes after cooled fill the cakes, crumb coat (or ganache), cover your cakes leave for a 2 to 3 days

Day 2: Separate your eggs ( if you are using raw egg whites)

Day 3: Prepare your royal icing

learn the technique to piping royal icing using the lambeth method of cake decorating

I have barely scratched the decorating surface, there endless combination of piped royal icing borders!
Lambeth method of piping (over-piping itself) is one the oldest forms of cake decorating and I  hope the elegant art can stay alive for another century.

learn the technique to piping royal icing using the lambeth method of cake decorating

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