ambeth Method of Cookie Art | English Over Piping Class is an is aimed at those of you with a little more experience under your belt (beginners be kind to yourself if you have a go please!

Since you will need about thirty Lambeth style roses in various sizes (from tiny bud to fully open), pipe all of roses prior to working on the cookie design . Allow them to dry, once COMPLETELY dry store the rose in airtight container in a dark and dry location at room temperature away from HUMIDITY! 

While the rose are drying  prepare your parchment cone with the correct dimensional pressure piping royal icing consistencies and nozzle.
Pressure control is crucial for achieving the stunning effects of English over piping, the fundamental base of Lambeth Method. Bobbie has put her own artistic spin to Lambeth method for cookie decorating  Art . Bobbie will walk throughly through the process of over piping and Lambeth style roses.

Supplies need for: Lambeth Method of Cookie Art | English Over Piping Class:
Royal Icing
Saffron Orange Sugar Cookie Recipe
Tipless Bags
Parment cones, preferably
Scribe Tool:
Plaque Cookie Cutter:
Artist brushes:
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
Royal Icing Consistencies:
Dimensional Pressure Piping Stiff

Decorating Nozzle
-Nozzle 58
Damp cloth
Paper towel

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Happy Cookie Decorating  ~ Bobbie Bakes
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