Lambeth method string work by Bobbie Noto

String work adds a stunning touch of elegance to any cake

I love over piped string  work it has an old world victorian appearance.

Adding dimensional strings is not only awe-inspiring, but the cake becomes a conversion piece of art.

You can find inspiration from vintage books (generally found on google books),pinterest, and cake decorating magazines.

The cake above was piped using 7 piping nozzles, parchment cones and royal icing on an off white fondant covered cake.

I petal dusted the cake with a mixture of plum and pearl lustre dust.

European Over Piped String Work:

Fancy over piped string work cake

The “C” scroll is over piped with #1.5 PME nozzle in an E-motion. This is an Eddie Spence design I adore!

• Piping Nozzles/Tips
• – #16, Wilton or PME #5
• -#3 PME
• -#2 PME
• -#1 Pme
• -#0
• -#43 PME
• -# 1.5 PME
• Artistic brush
• Damp cloth
• Tilting turn table
• Parchment cones, large medium, and small
• Cake cover with royal icing or fondant
Royal icing recipe
• Pre made toothpick roses
• Pre made 5- petal blossoms
• Everclear
Gumpaste/flower paste rose,optional
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Cake Decorating Schedule:

Lambeth method string work by Bobbie Noto

Petal dusting the cake adds an extra dimension to the cake!

You will need to cover your cake or cake dummy several days prior to decorating.

(I prefer the fondant covered cake,Satin Ice, for taste.)

You can dust your cake directly after covering your cake (this is only for fondant cakes).

Pipe your toothpick roses and blossoms  the same day you cover your cake

(if you need a refresher on how to pipe the roses visit Royal Icing Rose Garden

and the blossom tutorial can found at Royal Icing and Piping Flowers).

Separate your eggs ( if using real egg whites) one day prior; place the egg whites in the refrigerator overnight.

Now you can prepare your royal icing the day you are planing to decorate.

If you have extra time you might want to watch Having Fun With Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating.

The video teaches how to over pipe boarders.

Royal Icing Consistencies:

Fancy over piped string work cake

Remember to fill you piping bag half filled for a more comfortable piping experience!

The zig zag swag and straight 16 scallop : Off peak

 The String work: Rubbed Down medium/soft peak

The #0 rubbed down soft peak

Watch the video below to learn how I created The Over-Piped String Work Cake

Tips for Success: 

Change your royal bag every 20 minutes

Sit in a comfortable upright position, unless you need to stand to pipe the top

Be sure your bag is in the correct position and your royal icing is the right consistency

and most important

Practice, patience, and more practice.

Lambeth style wedding cake by Bobbie Noto

Remember to have fun and stay calm!

English Over Piped cookiesWedgewood Lambeth style cakeLambeth style cake by Bobbie Noto