Hand painting on fondant or royal icing may have started as a trend, but it has quickly become a staple as a cake decorating technique. The cookies above are wedding favors to accompany a Victorian style cake, that I will be showing later this week. If you have never painted anything in life this method most likely this method seems daunting (or impossible). I am going to show you it is possible and with a few tips and practice you’ll be wanting to paint everything! If want to achieve hand painting cookies become a part 5th Cookie Art Academy, all the course are included with registration! Wait till you see all the different course, mediums, and techniques, plus secrets never before shared, you think your in #CookieArtHeaven!

Inspiration for Limoges painted cookies

Limoges Tea set

This lovely tea set, above, was my inspiration for the cookies and the cake (tutorial coming soon).

Victorian Hand Painted Floral Cookies:

Hand painted by Bobbie Noto

A closer look!

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– Plum
– Moss Green,
-Foliage, SF
Nutkin Brown,
• Red,
• Voilet

Bake, cool, and cover your cookies a day prior. You may cover the cookies with plum coloured fondant or royal icing both coverings work perfectly.

Limoges style painted cookie by Bobbie Noto

I chose to paint the royal icing border with plum dust!

When you first learning my Tole (One Stroke) painting method using petal dust is easier then using food gel to achieve success! As you confidence grows you may want to try food gel or use both mediums.

You use Fondant or Royal Icing:
Day 1:
Cover the cooled heart cookie with an 1/8 thick Plum/Magenta fondant heart shape, allow to set over night.
Day 2:
Cut out an off-white 1/8 thick fondant heart, being mindful that the fondant magenta heart is one size larger than the fondant  off-white heart;  allow to dry over night
Paint the Victorian Floral Swag on the dried off-white royal icing heart
Pipe the royal icing running bead border, allow the dry, and paint with plum dust

Wedding favors by Bobbie Noto

The rose resembles antique china Limoges!

Royal Icing:
Day 1:
Cover the cooled cookie with a  pre-coloured Plum/Magenta royal icing. Allow to dry 7-9 hours
Pipe an off-white royal icing on to magenta icing, being mindful that this heart is one size smaller, and allow the heart to dry overnight.
Day 3:
Paint the Victorian Floral Swag on the dried off-white royal icing heart
Pipe the royal icing running bead border, allow the dry, and paint with plum dust

Watch the video below to learn how I created the Victorian hand painted floral cookies

If you are short on time:  You may purchase the cookies completely decorated at 5th Avenue Cake shop. I can’t wait to show the matching cake, there will be intricate string work so stay tuned!
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Intricate hand painted cookies by Bobbie Noto

Victorian Hand Painted Floral Wedding Cookies