Wedding by Bobbie Noto

It is official I love this cake!

With the summer wedding season in “full bloom” I thought it would be apropos to share this elegant wedding cake. Completely decorated using royal icing techniques: Combining delicate oriental string work, brush embroidery and piping gel filigree takes this from nice to extraordinary!

Very rarely do I fall in love with

a cake I have designed, but this one will be added to my

favorite list!

Supplies Needed For This Project:
• PME #0 piping nozzle or Bekenal #0
• PMe #2 piping nozzle or Wilton #2 or Bekenal #2
• PME #3 piping nozzle or Wilton #3 or Bekenal #3
• PME #4 piping nozzle or Wilton # 4 or Bekenal #4
• Parchment cone or feather weight bag size #10
• Damp cloth
• Paper towel
• Artist brush, you will need 3
• -#2 round
• -#6 round
• -Wilton round
• Cover fondant cake, Satin Ice
Royal icing recipe
• Piping gel, clear
• Cooled boiled water
• Pearl White Satin dust, Rainbow Dust
• EverClear or lemon extract

You may find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

I brushed a mixture of petal dusts to achieve that antique blush

pink colour for the cake.

Wedding by Bobbie Noto

Remember to attach the cake board and pipe the border prior to decorating your cake!

Watch the video to see the cake being decorated!

The actual time to decorate the entire cake is about 2.5 hours

with the three interlaced piped Oriental String Work!

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