Oriental String-Work Cake by Bobbie Noto

An awe-inspiring birthday cake

I have been blessed with a wonderful family, my husband and beautiful daughter.

Although we are small in numbers we are mighty in strength!

The past 6 months we have gone through some tough hurdles, but we, as a unit, conquered the worst!
Now that we have come through the other side, I thought it would be awesome

to celebrate my birthday and our resilience by my daughter and I each piping an Oriental String Work Cake.

I love working with my baby girl (she is actually 22).

For This Project You Will Need:

Oriental String-Work Cake by Bobbie Noto

A close-up!


  • #0 nozzle, PME or Bekenal
  • Parchment paper piping small bags, or feather weight
  • Damp Cloth
  • Tilting cake turn table
  • Nylon knee-high stocking
  • Scriber tool
  • Template
  • Push Pins
  • Artist brush


Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

Have your parchment cone cut with #0 nozzle inside and nylon knee-high ready.

Paddle your royal icing to soft-peak consistency and strain.

Remember to keep the nozzle’s tip against a damp cloth and your damp brush next to you.

Please enjoy the video-tutorial below


learn how to bend sugar in mid-air over the top of the cake.

Remember your bag position, your consistency, and pressure control are the three essentials to mastering any type of string-work.

Practice, practice, practice, and patience is the other half of mastering royal icing string-work.

I petal dusted the fondant to give an antique appearance, and dusted my roses with a bronze colour to match the cake and ribbon.

String-work cake by Bobbie Noto

The perfect birthday cake!

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