Cute Seahorse cookies

Seahorses are the perfect nautical summer cookies!

I rarely decorate animal shaped cookies, but

while I was working on another project (coming soon) I came across

a seahorse image on google. Ideas seemed to flood from my brain, so

I went on a quest to find the perfect seahorse cookie cutter.

Supplies needed for this project:

Seahorse cookies with royal icing scales

What a cute little guy!

• Seahorse cookie cutter,
• Tipless piping bag
• PME nozzle #2 or Wilton #2
• PME nozzle #1, Wilton #1
• Artistic round brush #2
• Artist brush #0/2
• Square brush, Wilton 3 piece set
• Damp cloth
• Scriber Tool
• Paper towel
• Seahorse sugar shape cookies, covered
• Royal icing
• Wilton Color Right
• -Yellow
• -Brown
• -Blue
• -black
• White,SF
• Water, cooled and boiled
• Ginger Glow petal dust, Rainbow Colours
• Everclear
You may find the supplies at
Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

The seahorse uses three royal icing decorating techniques:

Stippling, brush embroidery and lacing.

My royal icing recipe and cookie recipe can be found on Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

Watch the video to see how the seahorse was developed!

To see how the seahorse was painted watch Mother’s Day cookies

Seahorse sugar cookies by Bobbie Noto

Seahorses at play!

For more royal icing projects click on the photos below


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