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I love creating bridal/ wedding cookies, and a last weekend I designed these for a client who wanted sugar cookies that where inspired by the elements of her wedding. The grown had beautiful lace roses on a lovely blush pink dress. My first thought was brush embroidery, however I wanted the rose to have realism. So I designed a Signature full bloom open Brush Embroidery Rose! 

In this lesson Bobbie will teach you her Signature Fully Open Brush Embroidery Rose with a scallop border.
Begin by piping the first petal using a zigzag motion. Dip your round brush into a small cup of water and blot the brush dry on a paper towel. Paint the icing inwarrd, working one petal at time, to assure the icing does not dry before yo have an opportunity to brush the petal. Be mindful that your brush is only slight damp so the water does not pool on the icing.
Repeat Bobbie’s method on all the petals.  For the leaves you do not need to ruffle the outline with zigzag motion, use the damped round brush to paint the icing inward. Want to take your cookie decorating from a hobby to an art? I know the perfect place 5ᵗʰ Avenue’s Cookie Art Academy.

Supplies For 5ᵗʰ Avenue’s Advanced Brush Embroidery Bridal Cookie Art Lesson:
Tipless Bag

Small Cup
Round Brush, #2/0
Oval Cookie Cutter:
Scribe Tool:
Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Stiff Consistency
-Flood Consistency, colored pink
Artist brushes:
-Round Brush

Watch the video below and then we can brush embroider our cookies together!

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Happy Cookie Decorating ~ Bobbie

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