Strawberry Swirl French Macarons BY Bobbie Noto

French macarons: The perfect little indulgence!

French macarons from the first bit you become addicted. I still remember my introduction to

these little pieces of heaven.

It was my first day in France I was walking down the Champs-Elysées and found myself in front of Ladurée.

I walked into the shop, my eyes danced over to macarons and I bought a few.

I visited Pierre Herme Boutique and Laudées twice a day during my stay.

I decided I needed to learn how to create my own macarons.

I spent 3 weeks attempting to bake macarons, my macarons either looked liked they had pimples or were hollow.

Frustration would be an understatement, however I am tenacious so I kept cracking and separating eggs.

Finally I had designed a macaron recipe and technique that not only looked correct, but tasted amazing.

In reality I was so intimated (I heard they were difficult to make), I psyched myself out.

While preparing 175 Strawberry Swirl macarons for a wedding I thought

it would be awesome to share my foolproof macarons with you.

Equipment for Macaron Project:

Spring time French Macaron by Bobbie Noto

Macarons are perfect for a wedding dessert table!

• Standing mixer
• Sugar pot or heavy bottom pot
• Measuring jug
• Food processor
• Large bowl
• Large spatula

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So relax before you start and don’t worry..Soon you will be baking macarons of your own!

Join me as I step by step create delicious Strawberry Swirl French Macarons.

Remember to prepare your liquid egg whites at least 24 hours prior to creating your macarons.

Personally I prefer to allow the egg whites sit in the refrigerator for 48 hours

in a glass jug.

Foolproof French Macaron by Bobbie Noto

The french strawberry swirl macaron aroma is as amazing

For the PDF copy of both French Strawberry macarons and Créme Fraîche filling

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French Macarons by Bobbie noto

Making your own French macarons is rewarding!

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