Flower paste daisy spray by Bobbie Noto

Daisies always brighten up your day!

Daisies are the perfect flower to add to any cake, although they are simple flowers when added to roses, gardenias,

or peonies they add a delightful touch without over powering the centre flower!

Placed in a platter with some flower paste rocks and you have a fun spray for your


Supplies Needed For This Project:

Flower paste daisy spray by Bobbie Noto

I love the flower paste rocks!


  • Flower paste
  • Sunflower petal dust, SF
  • Vine green petal dust, SKGI
  • Moss green petal dust, SF
  • Foliage green petal dust, SF
  • Plum petal dust, SF
  • Tangerine petal dust, SF
  • Crisco


  • Ceramic pin
  • Small groove board
  • Medium rolling pin
  • Small rolling pin
  • egg white
  • 22 gauge white wire
  • 32 gauge white wire
  • Spring scissors
  • Daisy former
  • Green Nile tape
  • Daisy cutter
  • Lily veiner
  • Flower paste rocks, optional

You may find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 

Watch the video below and then we can create some beautiful daisies!

For  more flower paste projects click on the photos below.

AustinRose27_250 AutumnRose07_250FlowerPastePoinsettias00_250

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