David Austin sugar rose

Heirloom (David Austin) Roses: The Queen of flowers!

Roses are  generally referred to as the “Queen of the Flowers,” they have been enjoyed for thousands of years.

Cultivating of roses dates back to Greek and Roman times, and many varieties are descendants from ancient garden plants in China, Persia or Turkey.

Roses are divided into three main categories:

Old Garden Roses, Modern Roses, and Species roses.

David Austin Roses are difficult to define but, once seen, it is easily recognized; similar in appearance to the Queen of Denmark rose.

My heirloom David Austin rose is inspired by both the Queen of Denmark and Darcey Bussell. The Darcey Bussell is

a mystifying, beautifully cupped, very full flowers of rich, dark crimson, eventually developing hints of rich purple.

David Austin sugar rose

My inspiration: Magnificently beautiful!

Heirloom “David Austin” English Rose Project:

Heirloom english sugar rose

A close-up of the frilled centre


  • 26   white wire, cut into fourth
  • Rose petal cutters, Op # 1 to 3
  • Rose petal veiner, SKGI
  • Spring fine scissors
  • Half width nile green floral tape
  • Tweezers
  • Dusting brushes
  • Smooth ceramic too, HP
  • Celstick
  • Tap mat, ISAC
  • Stay fresh mat
  • Floral foam
  • Foam pad, ISAC
  • Dresden tool, OP or FMM
  • Grove board
  • Metal ball tool
  • Fine nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Sugar paste rolling pin
  • Pasta machine
  • Plastic storage bag to keep sugar paste when not in use
  • Crisco
  • Cornstarch
  • Plastic teaspoons
  • Cocktail stick, or japanese tooth pick
  • Mini rolling pin
  • 33 gauge wire, white or green
  • Disposable gloves


  • Gumpaste/ flower paste,
  • Food paste, Claret
  • Petal dusts
  • Plum, SF
  • Aubergine, SF
  • African Violet, CC
  • Coal black,Ck
  • Aubergine,Ck
  • Egg white

Find supplies here

Colour your paste with 1/16 of a tooth pick claret food paste, to create a light pink hue, wrap the paste when you are not using.

The David Austin rose will take several days to construct. You will want your centre to dry completely prior to adding petals on to the wire.


David Austin English sugar rose

I would love to see your sugar roses!

David Austin roses are cupped open very large roses with a frilled centre.

Day 1: You will need to create your five frilled centre, generally I will wrap the first two frilled petals, dust and allow to dry overnight (5 separate wires are the centre).

Day 2: You will be able to add the final 3 petals on to your wires, however you will want to wait several hours in-between layering.

Day 3: Began adding your outer petals to your wired centre.

Day 4:  Add the next layer of outer petals, this is personal as to how many layers you want your rose to have.

Day 5: Create the wire outer petal.

For the wired petal and individual wired calyx please visit

Gather you coloured flower paste and supplies, and join me as we create this luxurious heirloom rose.

Heirloom roses are a wonderful sugar rose for cake toppers or a keepsake spray.

David Austin sugar rose

Cascading sugar tuberose are a nice touch!

If your are planning to make this awe-inspiring sugar rose, please allow about 4 to 5 days from start to completion.

I created 10 heirloom roses using an assembly line technique.

David Austin heirloom sugar rose

Creating David austin roses are rewarding and fun. Have an awesome time!

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