Realistic looking gumpaste rose video-tutorial

A bewitching deep red rose; perfect for an autumn or winter wedding cake!

Roses captivate, they are bewitching and alluring. How many times has the aroma of a rose grabbed your attention? They are one of the most popular flowers for weddings, from the bride’s bouquet

to delicate additions to wedding cake. The most elegant wedding I have ever seen had hand opened deep red rose adoring the arch, the aisle, the bride’s bouquet, and the wedding cake.

I was blessed to have an opportunity to recreate that moment with a these flower paste (gumpaste) roses for a client of mine.

Lately, I have had several requests to show how to make a sugar rose; so I am taking you step by step,  through the creation of how to make a realistic sugar rose.

Autumn-Winter Flower Paste Rose Spray:

Realistic looking sugar rose video-tutorial

By adding several stages, phases of the rose gives your spray eye appeal!


  • 20,28, and 26 gauge  white wire, cut into thirds
  • 26 gauge green wire, cut into thirds
  • Rose petal cutters, Op # 1 to 3
  • Rose leaf cutter, OP
  • Calyx Cutter, OP & Jem
  • Rose petal veiner, SKGI
  • Spring fine scissors
  • Half width nile green floral tape
  • Tweezers
  • Dusting brushes
  • Smooth ceramic too, HP
  • Celstick
  • Tap mat, ISAC
  • Stay fresh mat
  • Floral foam
  • Foam pad, ISAC
  • Dresden tool, OP or FMM
  • Grove board
  • Edible varnish
  • Metal ball tool
  • Fine nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Sugar paste rolling pin
  • Pasta machine
  • Plastic storage bag to keep sugar paste when not in use
  • Crisco
  • Cornstarch
  • Plastic teaspoons
  • Cocktail stick, or japanese tooth pick
  • Mini rolling pin
  • 26 gauge white wire


  • Gumpaste, Satin Ice
  • Food paste, Claret
  • Petal dusts
  • Poppy red,Ck
  • Ruby red, SF
  • Cherry Red, CC
  • Coal black,Ck
  • Aubergine,Ck
  • Egg white or edible sugar glue

Find supplies here


Assembly line fashion: if you will be making serval roses, work on all the buds and move from there.

If you work on one rose from start to finish it will double your time. Also I explain in the video,

I dusted the roses after each stage was completed, this is due to the intense color. Normally I would dust when completed.

Time Schedule:

Realistic looking sugar rose video-tutorial

Once you steam your roses they will be shiny until they dry!

Rosebud: If you choose to use a styrene bud you will not need to leave the bud to dry overnight, you may start adding your petal layers.

Rosebud: If you choose to make a gumpaste (flower paste bud) wait at least 24 hours before adding petals or calyx.

I add several layers of very thin petals, generally five to six prior to moving on to my mid-size rose, this of course is a personal choice.

The first five layers of petals: Once you have the petals on the bud wait several hours.

Half rose or transitional phase: wait several hours before continuing to the next phase.

For the entire flower paste (gumpaste) Rose Video Bundle 

5 Videos:

Video 1 –  Gumpaste Roses-Creating the Rosebud Video..16.31 minutes

Video 2 – Gumpaste Roses-Rose in Transition Video..11.47 minutes

Video 3 – Gumpaste Roses-Open Rose Phase Video..20.15 minutes

Video 4 – Gumpaste Roses-Fully Opened Rose Phase Video..18.42 minutes

Video 5 – Gumpaste Roses-Calyx and RoseHip Video..10.35 minutes

Gather your supplies:

Realistic looking flower paste rose video-tutorial

Supplies needed for this project.

 Use any rose cutter set you like, my preference is Orchard rose cutters.

Join me as we create a delicate red rose.

 I mention gloves are not necessary for dusting; I would however suggest using them. The dark red and black stains the hands for a few days.

Take your time, breathe, and most importantly have fun.

Learn how to make gumpaste rose video-tutorial

Deep red roses are so romantic!

Remember roses take practice to look realistic!

Realistic looking sugar rose video-tutorial

Have an awesome time creating a flower paste rose spray!

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