Sugar poinsettia by Bobbie Noto

What could be more festive than a red poinsettia spray?

I promised in November I would create a video on how I created my realistic poinsettias, with Christmas Eve 7 days away this is

the perfect time.

Poinsettias have become a staple during the holiday season,

the plant is sold every year, and most homes have a few.

It has become a family tradition to design a special cake that represents the season.

The poinsettias above will adorn our christmas cake this year.

Β Poinsettia Spray:

Poinsettia for Christmas by Bobbie Noto

The centre are the flowers and buds!



  • 120 guauge thread
  • Petal dust: Vine, Forest,Ruby, Poinsettia red, Aubergine, and Sunflower
  • Sugartex, mimosa
  • Flower paste, red,(
  • -flower paste
  • Food paste,Β (
  • -Spruce
  • Egg white/ glue


I find if you dust your bracts and centre while still pliable the colour pops and has depth.

Sugar poinsettia by Bobbie Noto

Although I chose red, white poinsettias are an elegant choice!

Once the paste has dried completely steam your poinsettias.

Watch the video below to see how I created the poinsettias.

Once you have poinsettias made you can save them for the next year.

Wrap in foam and place in an box.

Sugar poinsettia by Bobbie Noto

Happy Holidays!

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