Henna cookies

I love the look of henna

These henna cookies are inspired by my BFF, she used to spend hours painting henna designs, with a stick, on my daughter for the first days of school. The designs were awe-inspiring!
Now that my daughter is starting graduate school I thought it would be the perfect medium to pipe henna cookies in celebration of both of them!

Supplies Needed For This Project:

• Piping nozzle #1, PME or Wilton
• Artistic brush
• Damp cloth
• 12-inch disposable piping bag
• Tissue paper
• Sugar cookie recipe, use your favorite or use mine in my shop
• Royal icing recipe, use your favorite or use mine in my shop
• Soft Peak Royal Icing
• Rainbow dust black food marker
• Henna colour
• Brown
• Crimson
• Red
• Everclear or cooled boiled water

All supplies, materials, and recipes can be found at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

Royal Icing Henna cookies

It is easier to pipe the henna then to paint it with a stick!

The henna Colour recipe:

Wilton Color Right Systems

5 drops Brown

1 drop Red

1 drop Crimson

Watch the video below to see the henna flower cookie design come to life!

For more creative cookies and royal icing decorating projects click on the photos below!


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