Australian bridgeless string-work pipe by Bobbie

An elegant Christmas cake!

It is that time of year (YEAH), time to up your game and elevate your cake and cookie decorating.

Australian bridgeless extensions will take your cake to breathe-taking awe-inspiring level.

Family and friends will be amazed when you show case your delicate extension work, and wonder how you accomplished the design.

The bridgeless royal icing extensions appears to be suspended from the cake floating in air.

For the majority of this cake I only used #o or #00 seamless nozzle, with exception of the pearl border between the cake and the board.

Australian Bridgeless String-Work: 

Royal icing suspended string-work

Here is a close-up of the string-work!


  • #0 PME or Bekenal  nozzle
  • #00 PME or Bekenal nozzle
  • #3 PME, Ateco, Wilton or Bekenal nozzle
  • Scriber tool
  • Parchment cones, small or small feather weight bag
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Knee-high stocking, or cheese cloth
  • Paper template
  • Register Paper or Brown all-purpose masking paper
  • Masking tape
  • 10-inch cake board
  • PME holly leaf plunger
  • Round cutter, or small round condiment bowl
  • Artist brushes, used for royal icing only
  • Tilting cake turn table
  • Corsage Pins


  • Fondant covered cake
  • Royal icing
  • Cooled filed water
  • Crystallized Red, CC
  • Green flower paste, for holy leaves
  • Spirits
  • Crisco

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Allow your fondant to set about 6 hours to overnight (no longer).

The fondant needs to be soft enough for the pins to insert easily and to scribe the top line.

For the entire piping of the cake you will be using rubbed down soft peak royal icing, strained through a stocking.

Tips for success:

1. Have all supplies ready prior to paddling your icing

2.Once you have strained your icing use a clean spatula to place the icing in your cone

3.If you choose to colour your icing use powder food colour (dust)

4.Have a damp wash rag handy to keep you work station clean

5.Use spirits to dampen you brush, water will weaken your icing

6. Stay calm and breathe while you pipe your extensions

7. Be sure to rub down your royal icing each time you fill a new cone

8. The nozzles must be seamless.

Watch the video below to see and learn how I created a Christmas Australian string-work cake!

To see how to pressure pipe the design above the string-work visit:

Autumn Wedding Cookies 

Suspended bridgeless string-work pipe by Bobbie

The vines, flowers, and leaves were pressured piped with a #0 nozzle!

Bridgeless string-work is an advanced cake decorating skill; it will take time and practice to accomplish a full cake.

Australian string-work cake by Bobbie Noto

There are a plethora of designs that may be accomplished with this technique!

The more you practice the easier it will become.

Breathe taking suspended bridgeless string-work by Bobbie Noto

I would love to see your bridgeles sting-work!
Have Fun!