Mastering String-Work with Bobbie is an advance class, Bobbie highly recommends you have a few intermediate level string-work class.

Mastering String-Work-work takes time and practice to (also known as Australian bridgeless string-work) takes your royal icing art new level with delicate piping of royal icing, through a very small piping nozzle, reaching breathtaking gravity-defying heights.
Bobbie will demonstrate how to pipe dainty fine string before turning your attention to the string-work. Then learn how to remove the pins and cover up their footprints.

Supplies Needed for Mastering String-Work with Bobbie
Decorating Nozzle:
-0 PME or Bekenal nozzle
-00 PME or Bekenal nozzle
-3 PME or Bekenal nozzle
Scriber tool
Parchment cones, small or small feather weight bag
Knee-high stocking, or cheese cloth
Paper template, for string placement
Register Paper or Brown all-purpose masking paper
Masking tape
10-inch cake board
Round cutter, or small round condiment bowl
Artist brushes, used for royal icing only
Tilting cake turn table
Corsage Pins
Fondant covered cake
Royal icing
Cooled filed water
Crystallized Red, CC
Green flower paste, for holy leaves
Everclear, vodka, or lemon extract

Watch the video below to see and learn how I created a Christmas Australian string-work cake!

The Holly leaves are completely created with Bobbie method of dimensional pressure piping royal icing 


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