Flower pot cookies by Bobbie Noto

The royal icing grapes adds to the Tuscany touch!

 This stucco/stone technique was inspired by a vase I found in Tuscany.

I have had this design in my mind for a few years now and I finally found a

technique to add that weathered look I loved.

I used a cupcake cutter for the flower pot (I love finding other uses for shape cutters).

The miniature roses and blossoms were created using a Wilton 101s nozzle.

If you have never piped miniature roses it will take practice

to achieve.

Supplies Needed For This Project:

Flower pot cookies by Bobbie Noto

You could use an airbrush to add the shadow colour!

• Piping Nozzles
• -#3, #2, #1.5, #1 PME or Wilton
• Wilton 101s piping nozzle
• Disposable piping bags
• Tipless bag
• Small Square brush
• Artist brushes
• Damp cloth
• Bag ties, optional
• Scriber tool
• Paper towel
• Palette or small dish
• Parchment Paper
• Air Blaster or camera puffer
• Toothpicks
Sugar cookie recipe, use your favorite or use mine in my shop
Royal Icing recipe
• – Off-peak consistency
• -Stiff consistency
• -Soft-peak consistency
• -Flood (12-15 second) consistency
• Food colour
• -Color right yellow
• -Color right brown
• Petal dust
• -Iced Raspberry, for the two tone rose, Rainbow dust
• -Starlight lunar lilac, blossom, miniature roses, & grapes
• -Mushroom, Ck
• -EverClear or lemon extract

All supplies, materials, and recipes can be found at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

Flower pot cookies by Bobbie Noto

If you find the stippling is not as textured as the first few cookies wipe your brush on a damp paper towel to remover excess icing!

Lately I have been asked why I cover the cookies with fondant and royal icing.

I have found the fondant keeps the cookies soft, also with the texture of the

cookies combined with soft fondant and the crunch of the royal icing taste is amazing!

Although the petal nozzle is quite small it is imperative to use stiff consistency RI.

Watch the video below to see the design come to life!

For more creative royal icing decorating projects click on the photos below!


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