Royal icing doves and rose wedding cookies

Elegantly simple design!

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people through social networking. Last January I become friendly with a wonderful lady on Pinterest,

she asked me if I would create all the confections for an Autumn wedding. She wanted a dessert;Β I’m not just talking about the traditional desert table with a wedding cake and some after dinner treats.

She wanted an extraordinary dessert bar, filled with macarons, petit fours with pipe rose bud toppers, bittersweet chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, and intricately piped sugar cookies.

The sugar cookies needed to be over-the-top to be on her confection table. Royal icing pressure pied motifs have a delicate and lovely appearance.

Once you understand the method of piping motifs there are no limitations to the designs that can be created for cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to take a picture of the dessert table at the wedding, for now here is a tutorial on the Autumn wedding cookies.

Autumn Wedding Cookies:

Royal icing doves motifs and rose wedding cookies

The gold adds an Autumn touch!


  • PME nozzle #0 or Ateco #1
  • PME nozzle #1 or Ateco/Wilton #1
  • PME nozzle # ST50 Wilton/Ateco #65
  • PME holder, optional
  • Damp paper towel
  • Artist brushes
  • Palette, optional
  • Flap mat, acetate folder, or cellophane
  • Small pieces of foam
  • Beading tweezers
  • Dove templates


Fins Supplies HERE

Recipe for Royal Icing Consistencies:

Royal icing doves motifs and rose wedding cookie video

You can change the intensity of the gold by substituting orange food paste for the melon

Dove wings and tails: Soft-peak

Dove body and head: Pressure piping

Ribbon Roses: Off-peak

Loop: Soft-peak

Border: Off-peak

To achieve pressure piping consistency add water and a little glucose to loosen the icing to just past soft peak.

You want the icing to hold shape, but if agitated will become smooth…Use a 22 second count.

If you do not want to use nozzles or do not own the correct size, prepare a parchment paper cone and cut the point to size you need.

For leaf shape, add the icing into the cone, gently pinch the point flat, and cut each side at an angle.

To test you leaf cone pipe a few leaves on your work surface, if the leaf is small and comes to a point your cone is ready.

Now gather all your supplies and together we will create the Autumn wedding cookies!

Practicing royal icing motifs will help you learn pressure control.

Royal icing doves motifs and rose wedding cookies

A snails trail border would be beautiful too!

Once you have mastered doves, birds, and swans, you’ll be able to pipe cherubs ladies, ballerinas, andΒ silhouettes.

Pressure piping royal icing doves motifs and rose wedding cookie video-tutorial

Doves are irresistible!

Moulds are great, but having the ability to pipe your own cameo

takes your sugar art to a whole new level!

Pressure piping royal icing doves motifs and rose wedding cookie video-tutorial

Have fun piping royal icing motifs!

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