learn the art of royal icing pressure piped swans

Adorable swans chilling in a pond

Summer is my favorite season I love the hot sunshiny days and the warm nights, and although I am crazy busy with weddings and bridal showers, I feel relaxed. The minute back school starts

I seem to have a sense of rushing, almost as if the days are to short. I am grabbing the last few weeks before my daughter goes back for her final semester at the university, with these cute pressure piped swans chilling in a pond.

Pressure piping is a basic royal icing skill; once you have a nice sense of controlling the pressure you can create beautiful figures.

Let me back up just a tad: The method of pressure control is the ablity to pipe shells, beads, and lines with your nozzle fitted cornet (or bag) of royal royal icing.

The more pressure applied to the bag the bolder your shell/line will be. For example the leaves piped on the swan cookie are plump at the base and become smaller at the tip.

If you practice with figure piping you will notice that by controlling the amount of pressure you are able to transform basic lines, beads, and shells into fun even elegant figures.

I thought it would be fun to show you some royal icing pressure piped swans.

Pressure Piped Swans:

learn the art of royal icing pressure piped swans

The pond will need a few hours to dry completely!


  • PME #1.5 nozzle
  • PME #2 nozzle, or Wilton #2
  • PME #3 nozzle or Wilton #3
  • Parchment paper cones, or piping bags
  • Soft artist brush 5/0
  • PME holder, optional
  • Scriber
  • Paper toweToothpicks


  • Royal icing, 1- recipe
  • Saffron Sugar Cookie cover with royal icing or fondant
  • cooled boiled water
  • Food paste
  • Melon yell, SF
  • Ice blue, SF
  • Moss green
  • Dove grey, Sf
  • Recipe for black, give below
  • Sparkling blue piping gel,SKGI
  • Sliver lustre dust
  • Bird of paradise peta dust,CC
  • Everclear or lemon extract

You can find supplies Here

learn the art of royal icing pressure piped swans

5th Avenue Cake designs’ Black Royal Icing Recipe!


Royal icing Consistencies:

learn the art of royal icing pressure piped swans

For the pressure piped swans: Soft-peak consistency

For the pressure piped  blossoms, and leaves: Soft-peak consistency

For the beak: Soft-peak consistency

For the eye of swan: bead consistency

For the top border: Off-peak consistency

If you need a refresher on the royal icing consistency please visit Working with royal Icing

Once your royal icing is ready gather and prepare your cornet paper piping bags or piping bag of choice

and join me while we pipe the swans chilling in a pond.

Once you feel comfortable with your pressure control experiment with advanced figures.

learn the art of royal icing pressure piped swans

Placing the cookies under a desk lamp speeds up the drying processes without compromising the integrity of the designs!

For some wonderful templates and invaluable information Eddie Spence’s The Art of Royal Icing is a must book!

learn the art of royal icing pressure piped swans

Have fun pressure piping swimming swans as they chill in a pond!

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