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I wanted to capture a special memory of Sydney’s first Nutcracker experience!

I adore snow globes, they are all over our house. This year I wanted to capture Sydney’s first experience at the Nutcracker. She was barely two and although we had wonderful seats, she couldn’t see more than the shadows on the stage. I used a royal icing silhouette technique. Creating a silhouette from royal icing is fairly easy (it is a run out image), that being said the image of Clara is quite small and you need  to work quickly.

I would like to thank Sydney for her beautiful artwork and creating the Clara template for the snow globe; it is available here!

Nutcracker Snow Globe and Silhouette Clara:

how-to-decorate a nutcracker snow globe cookies/

The base of the snow globe is piped with a series of “C” scrolls!


  • 1-recipe Bobbie’sVanilla bean sugar cookie
  • Fondant
  • 1- recipe royal icing
  • Flood consistency
  • Soft constancy, for snow
  • Medium constancy
  • Off-Peak constancy
  • 90º triangle cookies, for the back
  • Food Paste
  • Hollyberry, SF
  • Moss green, Wilton
  • Leaf green, AU
  • licorice,Sf
  • Super black,Americolor
  • Dark brown, Sf
  • White, SF


  • Paper cornets
  • 1 disposable piping bag
  • PME tips, 0,1, 2,2, 43-rope
  • Scriber, small needle
  • Clara Template
  • Cellophane
  • Masking tape

You may find the equipment and materials for the snow globe project here

Colours for royal icing:

Black: 1/4 toothpick violet,1/4 toothpick leaf green (or moss green), 1/4 toothpick licorice, and 1/8-teaspoon super black.

Green: 1/4 toothpick moss green and 1/4 hollyberry.

Brown: 1/2 toothpick bark brown and 1/16 toothpick licorice.

White: 1/2 toothpick.

The flood constancy needs to 10 second.

The day you  bake and cover your snow globes prepare your Clara silhouettes. The silhouettes will need a day and half to dry fully.

It is best to have double the silhouettes you will need; they break easily.

Constructing the Nutcracker Snow Globe:

Pipie a line of off-peak constancy of royal icing, uncoloured, on to the right angle side of the triangle cookie, attach to the back of the snow globe. Hold the two pieces of sugar cookies together

for about 5-7 minutes,set  on a flat surface (the back of a jellyroll pan), and  allow the snow globe to dry for several hours.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

If you have any questions please leave message.

how-to-decorate a nutcracker snow globe cookies/

Here is a close-up of the Clara silhouette!


how-to-decorate a nutcracker snow globe cookies/


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