Royal icing cameo cookie by Bobbie Noto

These cookies remind of an antique brooch!

My grandmother hand the most beautiful brooches,

I remember as child her allowing me to wear them when I visited!

Prior to her passing away she gave me her collection.

I found myself looking through them and thinking how lovely a

royal icing cameo would look on a cookie. That morning I began piping

several cameos, using one of the brooches for inspiration.

Supplies Needed For This Project:


  • Tipless bags, or PME nozzle #1
  • PME nozzle #1.5
  • Parchment cone
  • Artist brush
  • Scriber needle
  • Board
  • Cellophane
  • Masking tape


You may find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 

Wedding cameo cookies by Bobbie Noto

Once you feel comfortable pressure piping you will be able design to your own cameos!

If you need a refresher on pressure piping consistencies visit Wedding Cookies

Cameo wedding cookies by Bobbie Noto

Happy piping!

Watch the video below and then we can pressure pipe a few cameos together!

For more royal icing and pressure piping projects click on the photos below


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