As the snow falls in Colorado I find myself feeling the holiday spirit,
ergo I created a rustic door cookie with a Christmas Swag.
Hoping my entire family will be home for Christmas.

I'll be Home for Christmas Cookies

The cookie is iced using a stiff consistency icing, the design using both soft and stiff consistency icing.

For the cookie door shape cut the dough with a rectangle cookie cutter, and then using a sharp pairing knife cut the dome shape on one end.

Supplies Need to Decorate Inspired I’ll be Home for Christmas
Tipless Bags
Decorating Nozzle #1: http://bit.ly/2krM8AZ
Decorating Nozzle #0: http://bit.ly/2krM8AZ
Scribe Tool: http://bit.ly/2yHtDg6
Plaque Cookie Cutter: http://bit.ly/2f4lgmw
Artist brushes: http://bit.ly/1RWpKHp
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Dough Recipe recipe: http://bit.ly/2yh2x19
Royal Icing Recipe: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Soft Consistency
SugarFlair: http://bit.ly/2iRhzTt
-Autumn Leaf
-Apple Green
-Holly Green
-Christmas Red
-Bitter Lemon/Lime/lime
-Dark Brown
SugarFlair Extra: http://bit.ly/2jLwFwo
-Black Extra
Wilton: http://bit.ly/2lRezFg

Lemon extract, cooled boiled water or Everclear

Music courtesy of Audio Network



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