I love the holiday season, however let’s be honest the year will be a different! I have made an executive discussion to try and keep as many family holiday traditions as possible! For example every year we go to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, this year Trans-Siberian Orchestra will bring The holiday tradition directly to mine and your home with an up-close-and-personal livestream performance of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories!”
Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka ‘seasonal depression’ or the ‘winter blues’) is thought to affect 1 in 3 adults.  And that’s in an ordinary winter, without the added element of a pandemic to bring us a whole other level of worry and disruption. This looks set to be an especially tough winter, which is why we would all benefit from taking proactive steps to look after our mental health before we head into winter’s grip and holiday season.
Fortunately for you and I, we have a mental health superpower at our fingertips:  Our creativity. 🖌️ It’s no secret that art, including edible cookie art, is considered an effective way of enhancing our mental health. You’ve likely experienced these benefits yourself. As have I. As have many of the members of at 5th Avenue Cookie  Art Academy I have designed a compilation of Christmas Cookie Art Inspiration just for you!

5th Avenue Cookie Art Academy’s Christmas Inspiration 2020 🧸🍒🎀
➡️Christmas Cat Cookie Art: http://bit.ly/2OCJzHf
Christmas Cat Cookie Art
➡️Holiday Cookie Exchange Cookie Art: https://bit.ly/362O60p

➡️Winter Wonderland Cookie Art: http://bit.ly/37IdOGq

➡️Christmas Cupcake Cookie Art: https://bit.ly/2TUPaxS
➡️Swinging on a Wreath Cookie Art Course: https://bit.ly/2I8Ri2o

➡️Snowy Red Robin Cookie Art Course: http://bit.ly/2QWh6y3

➡️Holly the Holiday Squirrel Cookie Art Course: https://bit.ly/3eoQJxo

➡️Feeding the Winter Birds Cookie: https://bit.ly/32cO7xH


Happy Cookie Decorating
Bobbie Xoxo
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