Sugar Gardenia Wedding Spray

I have three favorite go to flowers when I create
wedding cakes and/or floral sprays,
Roses, Peonies, and Gardenias.
I have shown you how to create
roses and peonies, it is time for the aromatic gardenia.
The signature to the gardenia is both
the spiral centre and the long slender neck.
They are also highly fragrant flowers
with bright, glossy, evergreen foliage
which makes them a favorite for
wedding bouquets as well as wedding cakes!

Supplies Needed For This Project:
Foam pad
Firm foam pad
Gardenia cutters
Dresden tool:
Ball tool
Rose Veiner
Groove board:
Floral wires, white:
-24 gauge,
-26 gauge
-28 gauge
-30 gauge green
For calyx:
-33 gauge green
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Artist brushes
Craft brush, for egg white
Apple tray
Paper towel
Steamer or Kettle
Flower paste,
-Light Green
Dust Colours
-Super White
– Foliage Green
-Woodland Green
The SugarArt:
-Forest Green
Floral tape
Egg whites

Music courtesy of Audio Network:

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