This Valentine’s I wanted to share how to create a one of my favorite flowers using flower paste, Sugar Peony! I love using peonies when decorating my cakes, cookies, or in vase! Their beauty and size alway make a spectacularΒ  impact arrange in a Jay Strongwater vase: Drop the Mic!
Not only are they an exquisite flower for bridal sprays, but they also turn any cake into a show-stopping masterpiece! Want to learn more amazing sugar flower techniques? JoinΒ  5α΅—Κ°Avenue’s Cookie Art Academy,Β  all courses are included during your membership!

Supplies Needed Flower Paste Peony For A Romantic Spray
Foam pad
Firm foam pad
Rose cutters:
Dresden tool:
Ball tool
Peony Veiner
Groove board
1 1⁄2″ polystyrene balls, one ball per peony
Floral wires, white
-22 gauge,
-26 gauge
For calyx
-30 gauge green
-33 gauge green
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Artist brushes
Craft brush
Egg former or apple tray
Paper towel
Foam pieces
Drying rack
Steamer or Kettle
Flower paste, white
Edible Dust:
-African Violet,
The Sugar Art: Β
-Super Pearl, The Sugar Art
Floral tape, moss green
Egg whites

Watch my video and see the romantic flower peony develop before your eyes!

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