Love Swan cookies

Cute and Romantic

These adorable cookies are fun and easy to decorate. With February 14th
only a month away I thought this video tutorial would be an elegant project
to help you create two cookie designs for someone special!

The lovely Valentineโ€™s day cookies above were made using the Oval cookie cutter and the The Adonis Plaque Cookie Cutter from
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Supplies Needed For This Project:
Oval cookie cutter (large):
The Adonis Plaque Cookie Cutter:
Swan Template:
Decorating nozzle #1.5:
Decorating nozzle #2:
Decorating nozzle #3:
12-inch decorating bag:
Scribe tool:
Artistic brush:
Square brush:
Parchment cone
Dehydrator or Fan: or

Cookie Dough Recipe you may my recipe here: @5th avenue Cakes shop: or (use your favorite recipe)
Royal Icing Recipe you may find mine @5th avenue Cakes shop: (or use your favorite recipe)
Flood consistency royal icing
Stiff Consistency royal icing
The Sugar Art Bronze dust:
-Super white:
-Spruce green:
-Dusty Pink/Wine:
-Dark brown:
Black edible marker:
Evercleafr or lemon extract

Watch my video to see how to decorate Love Swan Cookies and elegant Hearts!

Love Swan cookies

I love the colours!

ย For more confectionary decorating designs click on the photos below!


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