Love Swan cookies

Cute and Romantic

These adorable cookies are fun and easy to decorate. With February 14th
only a month away I thought this video tutorial would be an elegant project
to help you create two cookie designs for someone special!

The lovely Valentine’s day cookies above were made using the Oval cookie cutter and the The Adonis Plaque Cookie Cutter from
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Supplies Needed For This Project:
Oval cookie cutter (large):
The Adonis Plaque Cookie Cutter:
Swan Template:
Decorating nozzle #1.5:
Decorating nozzle #2:
Decorating nozzle #3:
12-inch decorating bag:
Scribe tool:
Artistic brush:
Square brush:
Parchment cone
Dehydrator or Fan: or

Cookie Dough Recipe you may my recipe here: @5th avenue Cakes shop: or (use your favorite recipe)
Royal Icing Recipe you may find mine @5th avenue Cakes shop: (or use your favorite recipe)
Flood consistency royal icing
Stiff Consistency royal icing
The Sugar Art Bronze dust:
-Super white:
-Spruce green:
-Dusty Pink/Wine:
-Dark brown:
Black edible marker:
Evercleafr or lemon extract

Watch my video to see how to decorate Love Swan Cookies and elegant Hearts!

Love Swan cookies

I love the colours!

Β For more confectionary decorating designs click on the photos below!


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