Wedding cake by Bobbie noto

Maple Leaf fun!

I love the rich deep colours of Autumn; since September of last year I have had this design doodled on a napkin. Finally I was able to bring my design to life! With the lovely maple leaf being centre of the cake! I cannot wait to share the tutorial with you!! The roses are an inspired Davis Austin roses I designed last September to see the video please visit Flower Paste Heirloom English Rose Spray

Supplies For This Project:

Wedding cake by Bobbie noto

The maple leaves are pretty enough to stand alone!

• Dresden tool:
• JEM veining tool:
• Orchard Maple Leaf cutter:
• Maple leaf veiner:
• Spring form scissors
• Floral wire 28 and 30 gauge
• Foam pad:
• Cel pin:
• Wire cutters
• Tin foil
• Artist brushes:
• Liner brush,10/0:
• 12-inch Decorating bags:
• Piping Nozzle #17:
• 3 layer Maple cake recipe cover with fondant, Satin Ice
• Royal Icing Recipe, ((You may use any recipe) for my recipe:
• -Off-peak consistency
• Flower Paste, Satin Ice
• Petal dust:
• -Sunflower yellow:
• -Tiger lily
• -Ruby
• -Sprout
• Floral tape vine green
• Spray varnish
• Steamer, optional

You may find the supplies and materials for this project at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

Watch my video and see the maple leaves change colours before your eyes!

Flower paste Japanese maple leaves by sugar artist Bobbie Noto

The holidays are creeping up upon us!!

For more holiday designs click on the photos below!



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