4th of July sugar cookie by Bobbie Noto

Perfect dessert for a Independence Day picnic while watching the fire works!

A fun, brightly colored red, white, and blue flag piped

on a sugar cookie with a fondant base to keep the cookie soft under the royal icing.

These cookies use two royal icing methods:

A wet on wet and a tufted billow effect.

The delicious cocktail roses may piped in advanced, and stored in an airtight container

for months. So pipe extras for another confectionary project!

Supplies Needed For This Project:

Happy 4th of July cookies by Bobbie Noto

The mini roses add a delicate touch!


  • PME nozzle #2 or Wilton #2
  • PME nozzle #1.5 or Wilton #1, you will need 2
  • PME nozzle #0
  • Scriber tool
  • Artist brush #2
  • Parchment cones or disposable piping bags
  • Damp cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Ruler


You may find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 

You will need to use only one consistency

for the entire decorating of these cookies:

Run out (12 second)

Watch the video below and then we can pipe some fancy 4th of July cookies together!

 Have a Happy 4th of July!

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