More and more people are discovering you can create precious delicate works of art  on cookie canvas, making them unique and extraordinary , either for your loved ones or for a client!
Learn more than just the cookie decorating painting basics❣️ With Bobbie’s Method of Cookie Decorating you be Stunning Cookie Art in as little as 30 hours❣️

Supplies need for this project:
⭐Artist brushes:
-#9 flat brush,
-1/4 angle shader brush
⭐Painters palate or foam plate
⭐Tipless Bags:
⭐Decorating Nozzle #2:, for the border
⭐Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe:
⭐Round shaped cookies
⭐Royal icing recipe:
-Lavender, SF
-Ice Blue SF
-Pink, Sf
-Gooseberry, Sf
-Apple Green
-Daffodil Yellow
⭐SugarFlair Extra:
-Black Extra
-Super white,
Everclear, Lemon Extract, or Vodka

Learn Bobbie’s Coveted Color Mixing Method to develop realistic natural colors, hues, and tones!

Hand painted cookies by Bobbie Noto

Watch the video below and then we can paint the cookies together.

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