Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake by Bobbie Noto

Cherry Blossoms are one of my favorite flowers!

The cherry blossom season is almost here; The Washington D.C National Park Service officially announced that peak bloom will likely occur sometime during the period of April 11-14. If you have ever had the opportunity to walk down the tidal basin during peak bloom the aroma and visual beauty is breathe-taking.

Normally flower paste cherry blossoms would be a filler blossom for a cake topper spray arrangement, however I took a little creative license and designed the entire spray as the focal point to this wedding cake. To add a bit more dramatic look I hand painted the

cake with matching cherry blossoms. By adding cherry blossom edible scented powder to my petals the entire cake

became a delicious aromatic dream!

Cherry Blossom Cake:

Cherry blossom cake by sugar artist Bobbie Noto

Iresistible Cherry Blossoms!

Project supply list:
• 1/4 angle shader,Scharff
• #4 round brush, Scharff
• Palette
• Foam plate
• Brush Basin
• Pasta machine
• Christmas rose cutter,TT
• Christmas rose veiner,SKGI
• Dresend tool. Fmm
• Celstick
• Celpad
• Jasmine cutter, Fmm for calyx
• Grove board,CC
• Cosmetic sponge
• 26 gauge wire
• 24 gauge wire
• 20 tauge wire
• Brown floral tape
• Primrose cuttter, OP
• Small Stamens
• Brushes for dusting
• Angle tweezers
• Small palate knife
• Small Spikes
• Cake turntable
• 1 square cake drum, covered in fondant
• Cherry blossom white cake, cover with fondant
• Food Paste
• Baby Pink,Sf
• Bright white,SF
• Dark Brown
• Plum Petal dust,SF
• Baby Pink petal dust,SF
• Fairy Pink, CC
• Egg white
• Cooled boiled water
• Piping Gel

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Springtime wedding cake by  Bobbie Noto

This cake screams spring!

You will need to create your flower paste cherry blossom petals at least 1 week prior

to baking, filling, and covering your cake. Allow the cake to rest one day before

painting the blossoms on the cake.

Join me with the video below for the tutorial to learn how to create and decorate your own Cherry Blossom cake.

I’ve just added a new video to my tutorial shop with even more details and complete

step by step instructions on how to create the individual cherry blossom petals and hand painting the cake.

 The link to own the HD Digital Download – Video Bundle –visit here

Springtime Cherry Blossom Cake by Bobbie Noto

Happy spring!

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