2015 New Year Cookie pressure piped by Bobbie Noto

Happy 2015!

Pressure piping with royal icing is an invaluable sugar craft technique.

Once you have mastered pressure control any designs is possible from

beautiful doves to 18th century figures.

Pressure control is also a key to piping messages and monograms on cakes and cookies (with royal icing or buttercream).

The effects achieved can be bold, delicate, or elegant.

Happy New Year 2015:

2015 New Year Cookie pressure piped by Bobbie Noto

If you prefer a gold colour use the gold lustre dust to colour our icing!


  • #0 PME nozzle or Bekenal #0
  • #1 PME nozzle or Bekenal #1
  • Parchment cone, or small disposable piping bag
  • Damp cloth
  • Fine artist brushes
  • Scriber
  • Round Cutter
  • Knee-high stocking
  • Alphabet Template


Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

The Cookie:

Cover your cookie with either fondant or royal icing.

For fondant: Allow 4 to 6 hours for the fondant to set.

For Royal icing: Allow 24 hours for the royal icing to dry hard.

You will need rub-down soft peak consistency for the entire design.

Strain the icing through a knee-high for the #0 nozzle to prevent clogging.

2015 New Year Cookie pressure piped by Bobbie Noto

The fancy square cookie shape adds an elegant touch!

Tips for success:

1. Have all supplies ready prior to paddling your icing

2.Once you have strained your icing use a clean spatula to place the icing in your cone.

3. To colour your icing use petal or lustre dust, food paste will prevent proper drying.

4.Have a damp wash rag handy to keep you work station clean.

5.Use spirits to dampen you brush, water will weaken your icing.

6. Be sure to rub down your royal icing each time you fill a new cone.

8. The nozzles must be seamless.

Watch the video below to see and learn how I created my New Year cookie

 The same design could be used for the top or side of a cake.

2015 New Year Cookie pressure piped by Bobbie Noto

Have a happy cookie designing New Year!

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