Halloween cookies with sugar bats and spider

Bats, spiders, and critters OH MY!

I have to admit I am a member of the group of people whom go all out for Halloween.

entertain costume parties, decorate both the outside and inside of my home.

What would a Halloween party be without fun treats (I don’t want to find out)? I try and create different themes each year

to my cakes, candy, and cookies, this year I am using bats, spiders, witches, and autumn leaves. Last year was skulls and coffins.

The cookie above was designed with oak leaves, acorn cups, bats, and piped spiders. The leaves, acorn caps, and the bats are created with gum paste,

while the spiders were pressed piped with royal icing.

Dazzling Sugar Halloween Critter Cookies:

Halloween cookies with sugar bats and spider

The black bat is completely fondant and the black will colour your tongue!


  • Oak leaf cutter, OP
  • Oak leaf veiner,SKGI
  • Acorn cup mould, SC
  • Bat, pumpkin, cat mould, SJGI
  • Artistic brushes
  • PME nozzles #1 and #1.5
  • Paper towel
  • Cocktail sticks or toothpicks
  • Desk lamp, optional


  • Vanilla spice sugar cookie recipe, covered
  • Black fondant, Satin Ice
  • Gumpaste, Satin Ice
  • Fondant, Fondarific and Satin Ice
  • Food paste
  • Ivory/Caramel, SF
  • Petal dust
  • Moss green, CC
  • Golden Corn, CC
  • Bronze, SKGI
  • Black magic,RD
  • Everclear or lemon extract
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Crisco

 Find supplies here

The cookies are covered with a mixture of Fondarific cinnamon bun and mocha (the taste is an amazing)!

Cover your cookies a day ahead.

Prepare 37.5 grams Satin Ice gumpaste with 12.5 grams Satin Ice fondant (this a 25/50 mixture). Once you have kneaded the mixture completely

colour the paste with Caramel/Ivory food paste, about 1/2 of a toothpick until completely amalgamated and place in an airtight bag.

This mixture is for leaves and acorn cups.

As I mentioned in the video I prefer to use commercial black fondant, this is for your bat.

Remember to knead the black fondant prior to using it.

If you are using your moulds for the first time you will need to condition them.

Add a tiny amount of crisco to your moulds, be careful not to add too much or the design won’t transfer fully.

While your leaves and caps are drying prepare your royal icing.

Halloween cookies with sugar bats and spider

I dusted the bat with black magic petal dust for a velvet appearance. Bats are hairy!

Icing Consistencies:

The body of the spider: Pressure piping consistency

The legs: Soft-peak consistency

If you need a refresher please visit: Working with royal icing

The spider needs to be completely dry to paint bronze. I placed the cookie under a desk lamp for about 12 min.

and allowed 6 hours to air dry completely.

Grab you supplies for this project and let’s create some dazzling Halloween sugar critter cookies.

Remember the long legs when deciding where place your mark.

Halloween cookies with sugar bats and spider

In the second cookie I coloured the oak leaves with a variety of oranges and a tad of brown for a realistic look!

I will be composing an Autumn oak leaf and acorn cake tutorial, for Thanksgiving.

Halloween cookies with sugar bats and spider

Happy Halloween cookie decorating!

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