learn how to pipe realistic royal icing daisies i

Whimsical Royal icing Daisies are perfect for back to school teacher gifts!

 I thought it would fun to learn how to make these cute and cheerful royal icing daisies (in minutes) with this video tutorial. All you will need is an understanding of pressure control, bag potions, and the correct constancy of the icing. In addition to a few supplies and materials; a detailed list is provided below.

I have used my royal icing daisies for the cookies above and the cupcakes below. Piped daisies are a versatile and lovely addition to any sweet treat. The video will show you two royal icing daisies, full daisies and side view of a daisy.

Wouldn’t either treat be a perfectly awesome back to school gift for any teacher!

Learn how to pipe realistic royal icing daisies i

In less than 10 minutes you can pipe a plethora daisies for both cupcakes and cookies!

Royal Icing Daisies:

Learn how to pipe realistic royal icing daisies

Add a few veins, leaves, and a bud or two; and now you have a WOW factor treat!


  • PME petal nozzle 58r orWilton 59
  • PME #3 or wilton #3
  • Leaf nozzle, PME ST 52 or Wilton 67
  • Flower nail #7, Wilton
  • Parchment squares
  • Artist brush
  • Paper piping bags or plastic
  • Piping tip covers, PME bag holder, dampened paper towel, to keep the icing wet
  • Desk lamp


  • Royal icing
  • Cupcake, cookie or cake recipe, covered
  • Container cooled boiled water
  • Cornstarch

You may find supplies here


 Constancy recipe:

**It is imperative to use either freshly beaten royal icing or if your icing is 1 to 2 days old re-beat the icing for about 3 minutes on low in your mixer.

For the Daisies and buds: Stiff consistency

For the centre: Soft-peak or bead constancy

For the vines: Rub-down soft peak

For leaves: off-peak

Creating stiff-peak royal icing:

Beat your royal icing to off-peak, add approximately 1-tablespoon of sifted confectioner’s sugar to 175 gram (6oz) of royal icing.

With a clean, grease-free spatula paddle the sifted confectioner’s sugar to the icing until you achieve a stiff consistency.

For a refresher please visit Working with Royal Icing

Now that you have your supplies and materials ready please enjoy the video tutorial.

Cupcake Tutorial:

 Although I mentioned placing the daisies under a desk lamp I wanted to give an explanation why it is important.

The lamp will give a gently steady amount of heat not only to speed the drying time of your daisies, but it will aid in the icing drying smooth.

If you have ever seen dips in your icing and wondered why; it is because part of icing began to dry faster than other sections.

The desk lamp will prevent that. Any desk lamp is fine!

Learn the method of piping realistic royal icing daisies; a pressure piping technique

If you prefer buttercream for your daisies use a medium constancy and follow the same technique!

Troubleshooting your Daisies:

Check the position of your tip,it should be at a 45 degree angle, be sure your piping cone/bag is is facing 3:00, and remember you need stiff constancy royal icing.

If you are still having issues re-beat your icing. If you have questions please contact me.

Learn how to pipe realistic royal icing daisies

Happy royal icing daisy piping!

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