tone on tone brush embroidery tutorial

Enchanted little plaque

I adore the little plaque cookies they are extremely versatile, and what better cake decorating technique than tone on tone brush embroidery? The finished design is elegantly suitable for hanging (except that it is edible). The plaque cookies are show stopping gift, bridal shower, wedding favor, graduation, or just the perfect cookie to say thank you.

I added pressure piping lilacs/wisteria flowers and dainty branches around the tone on tone brush embroidery to subtle bring your eye to the image. The border is a version of an “S” and reverse “S” scroll that resembles a coma to finish the sugar cookie plaque, without over powering the cookie while adding another entranced element.


Plaque Tone on Tone Brush Embroidery Cookies: 

tone on tone brush embroidery tutorial

You can almost grab one!

Project supply list


  • Parchment paper cones or bags
  • PME writer 2, 1.5, and 1
  • Square brush embroidery brush
  • Paper towel dry
  • Paper towel damp
  • PME sponge holder or sponge
  • Small bowl
  • Cocktail stick or tooth pick
  • Scriber


You may find supplies here

Ivory Colour Recipe:

1/8 toothpick Carmel

1/8 toothpick Ivory

1/16 toothpick shadow grey

This colour combination gives a delicate ivory that is perfect.

Royal Icing Consistencies:

Brush embroidery: Off-peak

Branches and twigs: Soft-peak

Lilac/Wisteria: Soft-peak pressure pipping

The floral image for this project can be found here 

Now that you have all the supplies ready enjoy the video!

If you need a refresher on the consistencies please visit:

Working with Royal Icing

tone on tone brush embroidery tutorial

This is a large tone on tone fancy square cookie I created earlier!

Brush embroidery has several methods and is extremely versatile and can be adapted for large images, like a cake or small images like the plaque cookie.

tone on tone brush embroidery tutorial

Just hang out designing in the decorating studio!

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tone on tone brush embroidery tutorial

Have fun with royal icing tone on tone brush embroidery!

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