This technique is particularly popular with wedding cookie art , cupcake art and cake art. Although brush embroidery is pretty straight forward and quite forgiving you will need to understand royal icing consistencies. Shaded brush embroidery consist of brushing the tones, I choose to use ombre effect, through the entire design. I than over-pipe a Lambeth Method ornate scroll to add a touch of elegance.If you need a refresher on the consistencies please watch  Working with Royal Icing.
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How is that possible:
As Josh Kaufman convey’s in his best-selling book, The First 20 Hours, rapid skill acquisition is possible if you have 3 things:
The ability to deconstruct the skill:
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The right tools:
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Structured practice:
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Supplies Needed for Ombre-Shade Brush Embroidery:
Decorating Nozzle #1.5, #2, and #2.5:
Tipless bags
Scribe tool:
Plaque Cookie Cutter:
Artist brushes:
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Cooled Boiled Water
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Strawberry Roll Out Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Royal Icing Consistencies
-Flood consistency
-Siff consistency
-Apple Green
Lemon extract or Everclear
Music courtesy of Audio Network:
Supplies May found at 5th Avenue Cookie Art Academy’s Shop

Bake, cool, and cover you cookies (in either fondant to royal icing top coat).
Steps of Shade Brush Embroidery
Outline the design with a tipless or pastry bag and small round decorating tip, I use a 1/2 to size large nozzle for the outside line.
Pipe in a zigzag motion with the darker color  following  the outside line with 1/2 size smaller nozzle.
Damp a paintbrush to pull the edges of the design inward, to achieve shade brush embroidery.
As you brush the design take care not to brush through the outline as you create delicate strokes inside the design.

Color the Icing: 
For the lightest colour add 1/4 toothpick of magenta.
For the darker colour use 1/2 toothpick of magenta.
For the hip and stem use 1/2 toothpick moss green.
For the ivory use 1/2 toothpick of the ivory.

Remember to color your icing prior to bringing the icing to the correct consistency.

Learn how to create a chic ombre shade brush embroidery design

You will need to fill :
One filled with light magenta off-peak icing and fitted with #2.5 nozzle
One filled with dark magenta off-peak icing and fitted with #2 nozzle
One filled with moss green off-peak icing and fitted with #2.5 nozzle
Over-Piping cornets/bags:
Again you will need 3 bags filled soft-peak consistency
Fit one bag with #1 nozzle, #2 nozzle, and #3 nozzle.
Without further ado: Two-Tone Ombre Brush Embroidery Cookie Art Lesson

You can find the flower image in three sizes (cookie size,cupcake size, and cake size) at 5th Avenue Cakes’ Shop

Learn how to create a chic ombre shade brush embroidery design

Once you have finished your piping allow the royal icing to dry overnight before painting with old gold.

If you are unfamiliar with painting royal icing I have several beginner painting cookie art courses, all will take you gingerly through Bobbie’s Method Of Cooking Decorating❣️

Learn how to create a chic ombre shade brush embroidery design

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