Pleated fondant top adds elegance

Sydney and I wanted to create a dessert with an extra special desert to represent Valentine’s day; the first thought we both had was champagne. We had already designed a bubbly fun Champagne Pudding. I wanted to create a romantic elegant dessert, but found my brain was full of too many ideas. Sydney, however, thought petit cakes covered with a fondant top would embody the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Instantly I began to writing down ideas for rose champagne cakes; it suddenly dawned upon me I didn’t need to start from scratch. We had already developed a classic delicate White Cake recipe with a few tweaks the cake would be over top.

While baking these pink champagne beauties something magical happened. Sydney and I had one of the most exceptional times together.We always enjoy baking together, but there was something special that day; I wish I could describe the connection, but words seem to fail me. She is a unique person and I am blessed to have her be apart of my life; sometimes I forget to show what a miracle her being my daughter is.

I hope you have as much fun Sydney and I had baking these cupcakes

May your valentine's be full love and hope

Petite Champagne Cakes:

275 grams/ 9 ½ egg whites

1/8-teaspoon egg white powder

1-teaspoon vanilla

180 grams/ ¾-cup milk

375 grams/ 3 5/8-cup cake flour

20 grams/ 1½-Tablespoon baking powder

400 grams/ 2-cups sugar

1-teaspoon salt

180 grams/ ¾-cup Champagne, Rose

180 grams/ 1½ sticks or 6 ounces butter, cut into 1-Tablespoon, cubed

Prepare your mise en place and preheat the oven to 180 degrees C/ 350 degrees.

The champagne is the perfect flavor

I use a cylinder flexipan for the cakes, but 2-inch cake pans would work fine.

In the bowl of your standing mixer sift the flour and baking powder together.

Sifting ensures a lighter, lump free batter

Add butter in cubes.

We have found it works better to allow the butter to completely be incorporated

On low speed, with the paddle attachment, add the milk in a steady stream.

Allow the dry ingredients to moisten

In a measuring jug whisk the champagne, egg whites and vanilla.

Raise the speed to medium  and start adding the egg white/champagne mixture in three batches. After each addition of the egg white/ champagne mixture beat for 25 seconds. Scrape down the sides as needed. Remove the bowl from the standing mixer, fold to ensure all the ingredients are amalgamate.

Using a medium size ice cream scoop, fill the flexipat 1/4 from the top. Place the flexipan on baking sheet and  place in a preheated oven.

Gentle rap the baking pan against your work surface

Bake the petit champagne cakes for 20 to 25  minutes or until the cake springs back when gentle pressed in the center and the tops of the cakes should be a light golden brown. Remove from the oven and allow the cakes to cool in the flexipan for about 5 minutes.

Fondant Pleated Top:

white fondant

rose pink food gel

Buttercream recipe


Sydney and I chose to decorate the cakes with white fondant we colored lightly with 1 drop of rose food gel, for a blush color. Knead the fondant before and after adding the food coloring. Cut the fondant into circles and pleat them with a fondant wheel.

Each cake was lightly coated on the top with Italian buttercream; we then laid the prepare fondant over the buttercream.

The result were delicate and elegant Petite Champagne Cakes!



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