Bas relief wedding cake decorating by Bobbie Bakes

An awe-inspiring bas relief Autumn cookie

Bas-relief is a form of 3-dimensional modeling in which less than half of the true depth of the object projects from the background.

It is widely used as a surface decoration in pottery, woodcarving and sculpture. As with several cake decorating methods

bas relief sculptures have inspired cake decorators to use the ancient technique to create works of edible art.

This old world technique is a fabulous cake decorating method and I am excited to share this video-tutorial with you.

Bas Relief Sculpture Cookie:

Bas relief Thanksgiving cookie design by Bobbie Bakes

A close up!


  • Sunflower swag mould, Sunflower
  • Cameo mould, FI
  • Dresden tool
  • Paper towels


  • 1-sugar cookie recipe
  • Fondant, Fondarific mocha/cinnamon bun
  • Fondant, Albert Uster
  • Crisco or trex
  • small storage bags
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Artist brush

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Fondant recipe:

Bas relief Autumn-wedding cookie design by Bobbie Bakes

As you can see above any size, shape and colour can be used for bas relief!

To achieve the correct colour and flavor you will need

75 grams mocha fondarific fondant

25 grams cinnamon bun

Knead each flavor until the fondant is pliable. Next knead the two flavors together

until you achieve a soft taupe. Place the fondant in a plastic airtight bag until ready to use.

If you need a refresher on how to cover a cookie with fondant visit Oscar inspired Fashion Cookies

Watch the video below to learn how I created these elegant Autumn cookies; if you prefer a royal icing covered cookie

I explain (towards the end of the video) how to achieve the bas relief on top coated cookies as well.

Bas relief can be combined with royal icing pressure piping. For an example the cameo can be pressed piped.

For beautiful pressure piping visit Dawn Parrot her work is awe-inspiring!

Bas relief cookie design by Bobbie Bakes

Just by changing the layout of the sculptured mould you can create a completely different appearance!

For a picturesque Thanksgiving favor

place 1-cookie in Cellophane envelope (self sealing); adding an elegant touch to your holiday table.

There are no limitation to the edible artistry you can create with bas relief on cookies, cakes and cupcakes!

Look through your moulds and allow your inner artist to design a dozen or so awesome cookies..

Bas relief elegant cookie design by Bobbie Bakes

Have fun and I would love to see your bas relief creations..Share please!