This Cameo Pendant Cookie is introduction to dimensional royal icing pressure piping.

Cameo Pendant Cookie Project

As many of you know I have developed a series of Online Workshops Lessons.  Each class project has series of videos with detailed instructions, techniques, and secrets, that are designed to simulate an actually cookie decorating classroom. However you can do it from the comfort of your home, without stress, on your own time (24/7), and at your own pace, plus you can go back to any lesson to refresh your memory!

My Online Workshop offers an array lessons for novice to the expert (all which you will have complete access to), each month I will add  new and exciting projects. You cannot imagine what you can achieve by joining my workshop!

You’ll learn numerous dimensional techniques not only with royal icing, but icing sheets, wafer paper, edible lace, and fondant. In addition I will share my method for painting with hue, highlights, tone and cast shadows! I am, also, available questions.

For now enjoy this Cameo Pendant Cookie, which is a very tiny taste off dimensional cookie decorating

Supplies Needed for Cameo Pendant Cookie:

Decorating Nozzle #2:

Scribe Tool:

Oval Cookie Cutter:

Artist brushes:

-Round Brush

-Square Brush

-Filbert brush

Damp cloth

Paper towel


Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe recipe:

Royal Icing Recipe:

Royal Icing Consistencies:

-Soft Consistency



-Pearl Ivory

Sugarflair Dust:


The SugarArt:


Lemon Extract or Cool Boiled Water

Music courtesy of Audio Network

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