Holiday Cookie Art Class with Dimensional Watercolor is an Intermediate Level.

Bobbie will have you transfer your holiday cookie art template/photo to your completely flooded dry cookie, If you want need more detailed information regarding this method, watch Transferring the Design to the Cookie at 5แต—สฐ Avenue’s Cookie Art Academy

The first challenge is knowing the dimensional royal icing consistencies needed to pipe the Ornate Christmas Wreath, rolling pin, and ย theย Vintage Apron ,once you have your tipless bags filled Bobbie will guide you through her dimensional pressure piping method.

After allowing the holiday cookies to dry completely, overnight preferably, Bobbie will show you how to mix your food paste and edible dust into pseudo watercolor/acrylic paints as well as how to use your brushes to develop movement and realism. This course is slightly elaborate with many intricate details. It will be fun youโ€™ll be learning how to create folds and creases at different heights with icing and pressure control. Then we will hand paint the holiday cookies or realistic appearance! And Bobbie touch on the Lambeth Method.

Hurry scroll down for the supply list and lesson, so you can decorate this cookie with Bobbie
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Supplies Need for Holiday Cookie Art Class with Dimensional Watercolor:
Decorating Nozzle ย 
– #1.5:
Tipless bags
Scribe Tool:
Round Cookie Cutter:ย 
Oval Plaque Cutter:
Artist brushes:ย 
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Chocolate Spice Roll Out Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:ย 
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Flood Consistency
-Soft Consistency
-Daffodil Yellow
-Paprika /Flesh
-Pearl ivory
-Bitter lemon/lime
-Wine/Dusty Pink
-Grape Violet
-Royal Blue
-Apple Green
SugarFlair Extra:ย 
-Black Extra
-Bronze Splendor
Lemon extract, cooled boiled water or Everclear

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Happy Cookie Decorating ~ Bobbie

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