Beginne/Intermediate Level:
Dimensional Watercolor Bat Cookie Art CourseΒ is just in time for halloween. If you have taken any of Bobbie’s classes you know she begins explaining which dimensional pressure piping consistencies you’ll need to achieve achieve a movement and dimension on your cookie canvas using those consistency. The bat is composed of several dimensional pressure piping techniques.You’ll be create volumes that are both a bas relief, alto-relievo (high relief), and string work.

Once your cookies have dried at least 8 hours, preferably overnight, Bobbie finds the waiting the most difficult.Β It time to mix your food paste and edible dusts into pseudo “watercolor/acrylic paint. Since you’ll be using a limited palette it’s not too taxing when it comes to color mixing, but it will push you to achieve enough darkness with your darkest tones, so if you tend to be timid when it comes to establishing depth of color this is a course for you.
Bobbie will, now walk thoroughly through how to paint the paint.

Bobbie chose to soften the bat by painting a cute face, however if you choice to make a scary bat check out Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale Cookie Art Course. The fur for wolf and his face was painted using a similar brush stroke method.

Supplies Need for Dimensional Watercolor Bat Cookie Art Class:
Tipless bags
Decorating Nozzle #1.5:
Scribe Tool
Plaque Cookie Cutter
Bat Anatomy PDF
Artist brushes:Β 
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Dough Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe:Β 
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Soft Consistency
-Flood Consistency
– Carney Yellow
-Dark Brown
SugarFlair Extra:
-Black Extra
Lemon Extract Vodka, Cooled Boiled Water or Everclear

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