Travis  Red-Eyed Tree Frog will brighten anyone’s day with his vivid colors. When Travis is disturbed, he flashes his bulging red eyes and reveal their huge webbed orange feet and bright flanks to shock predators into at least questioning their meal choice! To capture all the intricate details  of our cookie art we will dimensionally pressure pipe Travis!🐸  Next  we need to paint each color one at a time, so the first stage may take a while., once you have the colors all mapped out, it won’t be long before this little chap is jumping out at you!
This intermediate Course is the newest addition 5th Avenue Cookie Art Academy where you will learn Bobbie’s Method of Cookie Decorating!

Supplies needed:
Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe
⭐Royal Icing Consistencies:
⭐PlaqueCookie Cutter:
-PPS Consistency (pressure piping soft)
-PPM Consistency (pressure piping medium)
⭐Warm Cooled Water
⭐Craft Brush, only used for cookie/cake decorating
⭐Damp cloth
⭐Paper towel
⭐Artist brushes:
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
-Pearl Ivory
-Daffodil Yellow
-Pink Rose
-Ice Blue
-Sky Blue
-Duck Egg
-Apple Green
-Eucalyptus Green
-Cherry Red
⭐Sugarflair Extra Strong Paste:
-Black Extra
⭐Sugarflair Lustre Dust:
-Pearl Ivory
Vodka or EverClear

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