This Beauty and Beast Cookie Art is Master Course were I show you how create a  Royal Icing Sculptured Cookie hand painted with food paste!. Belle’s gorgeous gown glowing yellow with hues cry out to be painted. However have you struggled to paint yellows? Achieving tonal variation within them can be very tricky, so, of course I  share my color mixing method with you❣️ The cookie spends a while in the ‘ugly duckling’ stage where it looks messy but then when it comes together (and trust me, it will) it will be stunning.
Belle’s dress has to be my all time favorite of all the fairytale gowns❣️

Supplies need for Decorating Beauty and the Beast Cookie Art:
Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Iced and Dried Cookie
Tipless Bags:
Scribe Tool:
PlaqueCookie Cutter:
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Medium Consistency
-Stiff Consistency
Artist brushes:
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
-Pearl Ivory
-Daffodil Yellow
-Rose Pink
-Iced Blue
-Royal Blue
Sugarflair Extra Strong Paste:
-Black Extra
SugarFlair Blossom Dust:
Sunflower Yellow
Sugarflair Lustre Dust:
-Pearl Ivory
Craft Brush, only used for cookie/cake decorating
Clear Piping Gel
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Warmed Cooled Water
Lemon Extract, EverClear, or Vodka



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