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Birds and Blossoms Cookie Art Lesson is my cure to spring fever! This cookie is a great exercise is both building dimension, texture, movement, and realism with royal icing as well as painting dimension, texture, movement, and realism using edible food paste. Before we can decorate our cookie we need to apply the Cracked Glaze, there are a lot of details we need to capture. There’s no need to feel daunted – let me walk you through it. If this type of art excites you, you will LOVE 5th Avenue Cookie Art academy! And even if you don’t know how to draw or paint at the end of Birds and Blossoms Cookie Art Lesson πŸŒΉπŸ•ŠοΈπŸ–ŒοΈ you will know not only how to develop dimensional volumes using royal icing, transfer the design to the cookie, but also learn my coveted secret: How I mix food paste colors that is similar to the hues and tones of watercolor and/or acrylic painting! You’ll be surprised how fast you will be creating texture and color to your cookie art!

Supplies for Dimensionally Pressure Piping Birds and Blossom Cookie Art Frame:
Cookie Prepared with Cracked Glaze

Cracked Glaze Recipe:
Tipless Bags:
Pme Rope Nozzle 42C:Β
PME Nozzle 1.5:
Scribe Tool:Β
Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Medium Consistency
-Stiff Consistency
Artist brushes:Β
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
-Filbert brush
-Pearl Ivory
-Shadow Grey
-Daffodil Yellow
-Royal Blue
-Eucalyptus Green
-Bitter Lemon/Lime
-Apple Green
-Cherry Red
-Baby Pink
Sugarflair Extra Strong Paste:Β
-Black Extra
Sugarflair Lustre Dust:Β
-Rose Gold
Warm Cooled Water
Craft Brush, only used for cookie/cake decorating
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Lemon Extract, Everclear, Or Vodka

Grab your supplies and Lets Get Cookie Decorating ~ Bobbie

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