Intermediate Level:
Dimensional Watercolor Back to School Cookie Art | Portrait of Student all about creating dimension with our royal icing, using the correct consistency, is germane for practicing controlling the amount of pressure you applied to your tipless bag. Perfect for those of you who tend to be a little heavy-handed and those of you who tend to be too lightly handed! Bobbie recommends, If you have not  already watched, Bobbie’s foundational  RI Dimensional Pressure Piping Consistencies Course, to go ahead a watch the course.
After allowing the icing to completely dry we may begin to paint our design! At first glance the student looks fairly straightforward, but when you really take a look at several hues and tones throughout the entire image you’ll see they’re actually comprised of many different shades. So for realism we need to capture as many shades as we can, whilst at the same time paying attention to the tonal value. In order to achieve a 3D appearance.

Supplies Needed for Dimensional Watercolor Back to School Cookie Art | Portrait of Student:
Tipless bags
Decorating Nozzle #1:
Iced and Dried Cookie
Scribe Tool:
Soft brush
Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Royal Icing Consistencies:
-Stiff consistency
-Soft consistency
Paper Towel
Artistic Brushes:
– #2/0
-Dusty pink/Wine
-Apple Green
SugarFlair Extra:
-Black Extra
-Red Extra
-Super White
Rainbow Dust:
-Double Nib Black Pen
Cooled Boiled Water
Lemon Extract or Everclear

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