I’ve created this compilation video of my cookies to show you I was once a novice and I have spent the last seven years experimenting with a plethora of techniques, and cookie decorating mediums! After some tears of frustration I finally developed a fool proof method. I had to learn when I am frustrated with direction of my work (which does happen), I have to remind myself to take a break and try again. I tend to be a perfectionist and forget we learn more from our mistakes and failure, than our successes!
Most instructors will tell you  practice makes perfect, I tell my students to “practice perfect” which does not mean perfection:
“You can dimensional pipe and paint eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, all you become is good at dimensional piping and painting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”
“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Teddy Bear Cookies from left to right before and after

“Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single day!”

“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you will never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate!” Share your talent with others!

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”Always Learning, I was Once a Beginner Too, a Compilation Video

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”
Always Learning, I was Once a Beginner Too, a Compilation Video

“I believe greatness is an evolutionary process that changes and evolves era to era.” I chase myself, as strive, day after day to gain more education to become a better #IncrediableEdiblteCookieArt artist and instructor!
I promise if you are determined and practice perfect daily you will surprise yourself at how much talent you have gained! My method is designed to be fool proof and help give you the skills to create your own #IncrediableEdiblteCookieArt!
Never say can’t the impossible is possible with dedication, persistence and patience , join me at 5th Avenue Cookie Decorating School