5ᵗʰ Avenue’s One-Stroke Limoges China Rose Cookie Art Lesson is for anyone who wants to take a cookie art journey towards their unlimited talent ! You’ll learn Bobbie Method of Cookie Decorating at 5ᵗʰ Avenue’s Cookie Art Academy Online, including coveted secrets. During this lesson  you’ll learn to paint roses using Bobbie’s One-Stroke Style achieving a realistic appearance! Roses tend to be an intimidating challenge, here I break down how to tackle them, step-by-step tackle them successfully! And One stroke painting is a perfect stepping stone to painting more complex methods!  Become a member of 5ᵗʰ Avenue’s Cookie Art Academy Online! all courses, from beginner to pro, are including with your membership. You’ll be able to continually advance your Cookie Art Education to the next level with No Interruptions!!
➡️ PLUS You’’ll Also Acquire·
⭐Bobbie 5 scrumptious Cookie Dough Recipes
⭐Bobbie’s coveted Dimensional Royal Icing Recipes
⭐Using tipless bags correctly
⭐Using speciality Nozzles
⭐ Royal Icing Consistencies
⭐ Flooding an over-sized large cookie with a smooth finish
⭐Bobbie’s Templates and Reference materials
⭐ How to Transfer Design to the Icing
⭐How to Transfer Royal Icing Pieces
⭐ Sculpting Dimensional Royal Icing
⭐ Food Paste Consistencies
⭐Bobbie’s Color Mixing Method
⭐Painting with Food Paste and Edible Dusts
⭐Creating movement and dimension using your Food Paste
⭐Bobbie’s Brush Techniques
⭐Edible Icing Sheets
⭐Access from mobile, tablet or PC
⭐You’ll be able to advance your cookie artistry to the next level with no interruption!

Supplies needed to create these Hand Painted Vintage Rose China Cookies
Decorating nozzle #1: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
Decorating nozzle #2: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
12-inch decorating bag: http://bit.ly/1IiNWMO
Scribe tool: http://bit.ly/1KSlQue
Fancy long Plaque Cookie Cutter: http://bit.ly/2h0WzGA
PlaqueTemplate: http://bit.ly/2ktrn8o
Artist brushes:
-Angle shader http://bit.ly/2kjuSuI
-Angle Shader 1/4
-Angle shader 1/8
-Square: http://bit.ly/2k0pP4T
-Round: http://bit.ly/2ktp8xY
Kitchen paper
Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe recipe: http://bit.ly/2ibrm83
Royal Icing Recipe: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED
Flood consistency royal icing
Soft consistency royal icing
Stiff consistency
Sugarflair Colour Paste: http://bit.ly/2iRhzTt
-Dust Pink/Wine
-Spruce Green
Rainbow Dust ProGel food paste: http://bit.ly/2a9bnCT
-Olive Green
Sugarflair Edible Lustre: http://bit.ly/2jfcUaQ
-Antique Gold
Sugarflair: bit.ly/2kjf7DW
-Superwhite powder
Rainbow Dust: http://bit.ly/2jnS7DO
Lemon extract
Cooled boiled water

Music courtesy of Audio Network: http://bit.ly/2jfbzku

I have received several request for hand painting without alcohol, the plaque was painted using cooled boiled water. It is imperative to use boil and cooled water!

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