Ornament Cookies

For this week’s video tutorial I will show how to intricately pipe borders on ornament cookies, and create delicate ornament cookies.
These cookies were inspired by the main Christmas tree in my house.

All the decorative border piping was created with a PME #0 nozzle

Supplies need for this project:
Decorating Nozzle: PME #0: http://bit.ly/1PViFpe
Decorating Nozzle: PME #2: http://bit.ly/1PViFpe
Coupler: http://bit.ly/1JJjuh2
12-inch decorating bags: http://bit.ly/1IiNWMO
Scribe tool: http://bit.ly/1KSlQue
Ornament Cookie Cutter
Small Round Artistic Brush: http://bit.ly/1KLwAN1
Damp cloth
Kitchen paper
-Flood royal icing consistency
-Soft, strained consistency
Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe here is my recipe: http://bit.ly/2ibrm83
Royal Icing Recipe here is my recipe: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED
Rainbow Dust ProGel food paste: http://bit.ly/2a9bnCT
Sugarlair: http://bit.ly/1iMHd8v
-Autumn Leaf
-Shadow Grey
Sugarflair: http://bit.ly/1ZTe0Yl
– Royal Gold
Lemon Extract

Music Courtesy Audio Network: http://bit.ly/2hafWiW

The key to piping beautiful borders with #0 or #00 nozzle
is the consistency of the icing and pressure control.

Click on the images below for more royal icing cookie/cake projects!


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